Heather Fraser grew up in North Gower, a small town in the Ottawa Valley.  After completing a degree in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Toronto, Heather took a year of travel before embarking on thirteen years working in the financial industry where her last role was Director, Product Research at Fidelity Investments.  


During her time in the financial industry, Heather completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts at OCAD University, which included a year sabbatical studying art in Florence, Italy.  She graduated with distinction in 2013 with a degree in Drawing and Painting.  


Heather now paints full time, while also juggling two young daughters.  She recently began exhibiting her work in the summer of 2016.


Although Heather’s subject of choice has historically been the figure, her recent body of work focuses on food.  Her paintings explore our sensual experience of food, including pomegranates, oranges, lemons and tomatoes, as well as burgers, ice cream, pancakes and many, many donuts.


2019 - Artist Project, Toronto, On.

2018 - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, On.

2018 - CBC's Baroness Von Sketch Show, Season 3, Episode 9

2018 - The Red Brick Cafe, Guelph, On.

2018 - The Local, Toronto, On.

2017 - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, On.

2017 - Cube Gallery, Provender, Ottawa, On.

2016 - Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto, On.


e-mail: hfraser@rogers.com

instagram: hf_art